Saga is a well-known guitar brand famous for its stringent material selection and production requirements. Since its founding, Saga has served countless guitar enthusiasts to make this enjoyment possible.

We also assist countless young people who stick to their dreams and praise them for their accomplishments.

So, we can say that in the music world Saga is not only a guitar brand, but also defines a kind of attitude toward music. This attitude is called the

love of music.

The guitars are carefully designed for all people who love music, with high quality at the core,

committed to creating the unruly noble of the guitar kingdom. With the concept of Saga's high cost-effective, Saga guitars will become the preferred brand of musicians and create a force for the development of popular

music in the world.

The meaning of Saga translates to "legend". The brand name is fitting because , because its brand development process itself already is legendary and also expresses Saga's infinite ambition in the musical instrument industry. We hope that this brand can achieve the status of other legendary guitar brands, without fear of the changing times, always full of vitality.

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